Course Curriculum

1. Heart of Algebra
Linear Equations (create and solve) 00:00:00
Systems of Linear Equations 00:00:00
Inequalities and the relation of between them 00:00:00
Graphical Problems 00:00:00
2. Problem Solving and Data Analysis
Ratio, Percentage, Proportions and Units 00:00:00
Analyze quantitative data 00:00:00
Probability 00:00:00
3. Passport to Advanced Math
Identify and create Algebraic Expressions 00:00:00
Create, Analyze and solve quadratic and non-linear equations 00:00:00
Create using graphical, exponential, quadratic and non-linear functions 00:00:00
4. Additional Topics in Math
Right triangles, unit circle and trigonometric functions 00:00:00
Lines, Angles, Triangles and Circles 00:00:00
Area and Volume Problems 00:00:00
5. English Passage and Writing ( 16 hours of sessions with proctored exams)

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