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Homeschool Tutoring

01. Traditional Tutoring

Our tutors help the students in a traditional program where students keep a structure that is mirrored to a school setting, meaning that they buy curriculum, textbooks, tests, teacher guides, and schedules. We work with students for a period of time on each subject to help teach the lessons and give quizzes, test, and homework assignments. Traditional homeschooling requires special attention as a lot is delivered and expected to be finished within a given time frame.We provide the additional support to not only build the fundamentals on the important subjects but also assist them with our expert advice and wisdom.

02. Online Home School Tutoring

Online homeschool programs can seem pretty daunting. Many parents appreciate online homeschool learning and are inclining towards it. However, it is very important for students to have the proper in-person guidance to monitor their day to day progress and help them understand the material that might be challenging to grasp via pre-recorded videos. At Uplift Future Academics, we provide our students with designated tutors who are experts in teaching core subjects and provide the support that is missing in an online environment. Our academic advisors work alongside with the student in learning at a steady pace.

02. Blended Learning Programs

We help students who are into blended learning by providing credible tutors who could teach subjects that they love and enjoy. That way, the students get to have their questions answered as they are always curious to learn more about what they enjoy studying. We provide tutors from top universities, such as Georgia Tech and Emory, who are credible to teach from basics to advanced algorithm. The in person interaction helps our students learn at a very fast pace and provides with the best outcome off the program.


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