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Summer Fast Track

Recover | Learn | Advance

Our Summer Academic courses will:

  • Help students retain the knowledge they already learned during the current school year
  • Train students to strengthen their foundation from last and previous years
  • Equip students for the new curriculum they will be a part of the upcoming year
  • Help students catch up and focus on the topics in which they may have struggled with during the school year
  • Allow students to make up a class for credit to replace a poor grade earned during the school year
  • Enable students to improve their unweighted GPA, which is important for college admission and to attain scholarships.

There is nothing like one-on-one help and attention in catapulting a student forward in understanding and academic confidence. At Uplift Future Academics, we prevent students from falling through the cracks and help them keep their heads above water. Private tutoring can close the gap and ensure a successful academic year.

We tailor our services according to your needs:

  • Our professional tutors can come to you around your schedule
  • Our academic professionals can work specifically on areas your child needs reinforcing and keep important concepts and skills fresh through practice and engaging activities catering to your child’s learning style and preferences.
  • Our experienced tutors assign your child homework between summer tutoring sessions so that he/she will not fall out of the habit of doing academic exercise for the 2 to 3 months of summer break.This makes the transition back to school almost seamless
  • Being active academically, will help in continuing a set, predictable routine, which proves to be vital for students.
  • Allow students to make up a class for credit to replace a poor grade earned during the school year
  • Summer tutoring builds confidence that can last forever. Majority of weaker students grow a “hate” towards STEM courses because they do not feel confident or competent. Summer tutoring can break this vicious cycle and guide them to success!

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